Transform Your Relationships and Embrace a Rewarding Life

Struggling in your relationships? Feeling stuck, stressed or unhappy?

I want to help you reclaim your life and find fulfillment. I specialize in guiding men and straight or gay couples out of the cycles that lead to anxiety and conflict toward meaningful and satisfying lives.

I can help you improve your relationship with others and with yourself. I have extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and am grounded in psychodynamic therapy for individuals. I strive to create a real relationship with you so that you experience comprehensive and effective support to address your pain points and turn things around.

Robert Jackson Therapy

Break Free From The Rut

Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

Whether it’s your relationship, work, or external stress, change is within reach. Discover a life
filled with purpose and contentment.

For Men

With my therapeutic support, you can conquer anxiety, overcome depression and cultivate healthier relationships.  My approach is patient, interactive and insightful.  I create a safe space for you to discover the different parts of yourself.

Integrated Relational Therapy

I utilize a Psychodynamic and Attachment based lens in therapy to help you to discover what issues from the past are challenging your present circumstances. I incorporate a parts work framework along with insights from EFCT to help you overcome what is holding you back.

Effective Support

I specialize in helping men who are struggling with anxiety, negative thinking, accessing their feelings, addictive behavior, life transitions, anger, relationships and loss & grief.

For Straight and Gay Couples

Are you feeing caught in a cycle of unhealthy patterns? Your relationship doesn’t have to continue on this destructive path. I can help restore the connection that seems so hard to experience.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT)

I am Advanced Trained in Emotionally Couple Focused Therapy and have been working with the model since 2018. EFCT is an evidenced-based couple therapy where 70% of couples will be symptom free at the end of treatment. Additionally, I invest in regular training, individual and group supervision to provide you with the best outcome in shortest time possible.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Men who are cautious about being in couple therapy find my support helpful in working through difficult to discuss issues with their partner.

What People Are Saying

Adam Anderson, LMFT
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“As a fellow Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I highly recommend Robert and his practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Robert goes with you on the therapy journey. He consistently demonstrates the highest standards of care by seeing each partner deeply, helping them slow down negative patterns of communication, and deepen relationship intimacy in a sustainable way. His evidence-based clinical development represents the best in research for couples treatment and I have complete confidence you can benefit from his care.”
Michael Sonn, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist
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“Robert and I participated in ongoing group consultation together for emotionally focused therapy. I've witnessed his work on many occasions. Robert is a very attuned couple's therapist who puts his heart into the work. I'm happy to have Robert as a place to refer clients to, as he is a passionate lifelong learner who is always improving his craft. Simply put, Robert helps couples reconnect.”
Charles Mandell, LMFT, Certified EFT Therapist
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"As a fellow therapist, I have great admiration for the depth of care that Robert brings to his clients, and for his dedication to the work and craft of being a skilled therapist. He has trained extensively, and he has studied directly with leaders in the field of relationship and couples therapy, and he brings those specialties to his work with clients."
Elizabeth Polinsky, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist
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"I got to know Robert through an EFT consultation group. Through this group, I had the unique privilege of seeing video tapes of his work (with the clients consent of course!). As another EFT therapist, I am happy to recommend Robert! He would be a great choice for both individual and couples counseling!"
Paul Taruskin, LMFT
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"I've worked closely with Robert in training and consultation groups, and have seen his work first-hand. Robert's compassionate presence and deeply thoughtful approach are qualities I admire as exemplary for couples therapy. You are in good hands."

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

During our first online session, we'll conduct an in-depth consultation to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation. This assessment will involve discussing your challenges, goals, and desired outcomes. We'll explore your past experiences, relationship dynamics, and personal history to identify underlying factors contributing to your current struggles. This step sets the foundation for our therapeutic journey together.

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, I'll support you with a therapy plan tailored to your specific circumstances. With individuals, I use a relational/psychodynamic lens to fully understand you and your issues. With couples, I perform a comprehensive assessment consistent with Emotionally Focused Therapy to understand your pattern of disconnection. Throughout our sessions, I'll provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your emotions, develop new insights, and acquire practical tools for positive change. Together, we'll work towards achieving your therapy goals and transforming your relationships.

Therapy is an ongoing process, and Robert Jackson Therapy is committed to providing consistent support as you progress toward your desired outcomes. We'll have regular sessions to monitor your progress, address any new challenges that arise, and celebrate your achievements. I will encourage and empower you to apply the insights and skills gained in therapy to your daily life, fostering lasting transformation. Whether you're seeking individual growth or strengthening your relationship, my role as your therapist is to guide, support, and facilitate your journey toward a more fulfilling life and rewarding relationships.

Each step of this plan is flexible and adaptable to your unique needs and progress. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey that brings about positive change and empowers you to live your best life.

Why Choose Me as Your Therapist

Clients often describe me as warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

 I bring curiosity, empathy, and a wealth of expertise in proven individual and couples therapy models.

I customize my approach to meet your unique needs, addressing the underlying causes of your struggles and guiding you towards a life that nourishes your heart and soul.

My expertise extends to working with individuals and couples of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and sexual identities. Whether you’re in a traditional or non-traditional relationship, I’m here to support you.

Additional reasons why I might be a good fit to work with you:

I am deeply committed to my client's growth and well-being. I create a safe and supportive environment in which clients can explore their feelings, behaviors, and thoughts, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I serve all of my clients through virtual Zoom sessions. I purposefully keep openings in my schedule so I can easily reschedule our work for another time during the week if needed be. We can work together wherever you are in the State of California.

My professionalism ensures that I maintain the highest standards in all aspects of my work. Client confidentiality and ethical practice are paramount in my services, ensuring you can trust me with your most personal thoughts and concerns.

With me, you’re not just choosing a therapist. You’re choosing a trusted partner who is committed to helping you navigate your journey toward healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life.

Unlock the Benefits of Therapy

Imagine managing and expressing your emotions healthily. Picture yourself communicating more effectively, enjoying fulfilling relationships, and feeling confident and secure. Experience the joy, lightness, and freedom that come from inner healing.

Learn to let go of traumas and wounds that hold you back, and embrace a life filled with self-acceptance, harmonious connections, and the pursuit of your deepest desires.

Robert Jackson

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