Therapy For Individuals

My curiosity and compassion leads me on a quest to truly understand you.  I want to get to know you fully: what’s happening in your life today, what brings you to therapy and, as we develop trust, the parts of you that may be difficult to share.

I want to help you to develop a broader range of choices. Sometimes habits get ingrained. Maybe you do things without thinking or you just feel stuck.  I want you to have other options.  Together we can identify coping strategies that were helpful in the past, but may not be serving you well now. I can help you to get to know yourself better; to become aware of your automatic ways of reacting; and to be in control of the decisions in your life. 

I specialize in working with these issues:

I work with these special populations:

How I Work

I help people explore all aspects of themselves in an accepting, curious environment. By learning about what is happening in your life now and exploring your past experiences, we can make linkages between the past and present that can help you to understand yourself better and provide a roadmap to (positive/healthy) change. If you have experienced trauma, we can talk about it in an accepting, empathetic environment.