EFT Therapy For Couples and Relationships

Are you and your partner experiencing the same pattern of conflict over and over?  Is one of you struggling to move on from a past hurt?  Do you feel like your relationship is okay but you long from more?  I can help.  

I work with couples primarily using Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT).  EFT is an evidence based approach that sees attachment as a key factor in understanding distress between partners.  Research on couples who receive EFT therapy shows that 70-75% move from distress to recovery while 90% show significant improvement.  I’ve been a student of EFT since the beginning of my career, when  I worked with highly escalated couples who were managing severe trauma and addiction.  I received supervision and training for two years by experienced Certified EFT therapists, Annette Holloway, PsyD and Andrew Copperman, LMFT.  I have received over 150 hours of EFT training and continue to train and receive consultation in the practice.  

As an Associate at the San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center (SFMCC) I have been mentored and supervised by CIIS professors and couple therapists Michael Klein, PhD and Anna Benassi, LMFT.  I have maintained a steady caseload of couples who have reduced conflict, increased connection and completed treatment.  At SFMCC have learned additional tools from the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model and the Gottman Institute which I integrate to help couples to heal, grow and connect. I bring a non-judgmental, empathetic stance and work to fully understand each partner to that they feel heard.  My calm male presence can help men, who might otherwise be resistant to couple therapy, to feel safe and begin to open up.

While I’m open to working with couples from any background, I especially appreciate the opportunity to work with same sex couples and those that identify as BIPOC and/or AAPI.   I am passionate about helping couples with these issues:

EFT for Families

As an adult, I have had the opportunity to work with both of my parents in therapy to work through past hurts and increase our understanding.  I have helped parents and adult children to restore their bond and have received training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy.  If this fits your situation, I would be happy to work with you.